Metatron NLS Diagnostic

The Metatron NLS Diagnostic - Nonlinear Systems - is a new and highly effective diagnostic method. NLS is not only suitable for diagnosis but also for disease prevention, such as burnout syndrome. The Metatron NLS Diagnostic merges a new technology with what we know from conventional medicine.

Developed in the 1960s by the Russian quantum physicist Svjatoslav Pavlovitsch Nesterov, the method was used at that time as part of space medicine. The technology made its way into the West and the medical field with us only after the dissolution of the Union, followed by the privatization of Metatron.

In conventional medicine, anomalies can be detected very precisely, but only if they already exist, often with symptoms. Metatron NLS Diagnostic, on the other hand, not only offers the possibility of diagnosing existing diseases but also provides therapeutic means to prevent them. Thus, prevention can be practiced before a disease becomes apparent. Just by locating weakened organs, one can intervene precisely at that point and prevent a potential outbreak of illness, thereby engaging in true prevention. If this is neglected, a chain reaction often occurs in the body, and the human system collapses, leading to acute illness. Therefore, prophylaxis is of great importance for health and quality of life. To counteract a disease process, a reliable diagnostic method is needed. Metatron is an optimal, reliable, and extremely precise procedure that meets these requirements.

The Metatron allows us to gain insight into the body without causing harm. It can provide indications and analyses of diseases and pathogens, making it essential for combating their causes. Through a widspread and comprehensive data bank and by comparing the measurements with them, precise disease patterns can be recognized and treated .