Regenerierende Peptide

Organ peptides contain organ extracts from young animals, derived from all major body organs. They stimulate organs and tissues that have been weakened over the course of life or by environmental influences in various ways. New energy is supplied to weakened body organs, as the ingredients also find their functional sites in "foreign" organisms. The self-healing of chronic and wear-related diseases is promoted.  Due to the relationship between the organs and the psyche, they also have a positive effect on mental well-being.

Best Quality  

The organ extracts of the organ peptides are derived from young, still uncontaminated animals, from known and and monitored livestock from free-range farming. They are processed in a specialized laboratory without preservatives and then frozen. 

The most important 

Thymus glandula for immune weaknesses of all kinds, convalescence, and chronic diseases

Spleen: for immune weaknesses of all kinds Rekonvaleszenz, chronic diseases and complaints during menopause

Pancreas: or regeneration and prevention of pancreatic disorders, digestive problems

Liver: for regeneration and prevention of liver and gallbladder damage, acidification, and digestive disorders

Mesenchyme: for immune weaknesses, for regeneration, and prevention of age-related ailments

Placenta: for climacteric symptoms and in old age, e.g. for vascular calcification (arteriosclerosis)

Joint, cartilage, spine: for wear and tear of joints, cartilage, and bone damage, e.g. osteoarthritis

Lung: for regeneration and prevention of respiratory issues and to strengthen lung function

Heart: for regeneration and prevention of the cardiovascular system as well as for stressful stress and its consequences

Kidney: for regeneration and prevention of kidney damage, chronic back pain, and energy deficiency