Colon hydrotherapy relieves the immune system, thereby strengthening immune defense. The intestinal mucosa and intestinal flora can regenerate with the help of colon cleansing.
A healthy colon is the first step toward total health. Freed from toxins, the colon can more effectively deal with new stressors, microbes, and other harmful influences. Cleansing the digestive tract also enables cleansing of the lymphatic system, blood, brain, and the entire body. This can eliminate or prevent various ailments, ranging from constipation and psychological issues to strengthening our immune system, which forms the defense barrier against infections and cancer.

How does Colon-Hydro-Therapy work?

In colon hydrotherapy, it is assumed that certain toxins and waste products are not eliminated quickly enough from the colon. Residues, encrustations, and hardened substances in the pockets of the colon prevent normal peristalsis (rhythmic, worm-like movement of the intestine) and thus the further transport of intestinal contents.

Repeated flushes with water through colon hydrotherapy eliminate the residues lying in the dilated pockets and adhered to the intestinal wall. They also simultaneously stimulate a sluggish intestine by encouraging intestinal movement and overall function. It's a kind of "intestinal training." Without suitable intervention, the burdened and sluggish intestine is unable to rid itself of its burdens independently.

Through the constant alternation of filling the colon with water and immediate flushing, combined with accompanying abdominal massage, repeated treatments result in targeted cleansing of the colon. Even stubborn old residues detach from the inner walls of the colon and are eliminated. The water introduced into the colon is of varying temperatures. Warm water up to 41°C relaxes the intestinal muscles, allowing constricted sections of the intestine to become passable again due to spasms. Conversely, cool water down to 21°C initially causes the intestinal muscles to contract and eventually increases their blood flow.

Through the temperature change and gentle abdominal massage, the intestine gains new elasticity. The resolving effect of the water and the warm-cool temperature stimulation of the intestine cause it to start functioning again, autonomously propelling the accumulated and stagnant intestinal contents forward.


What does colon hydrotherapy achieve?

It effectively and gently removes residues and encrustations from the folds and pockets of the intestinal wall. Similarly, it eliminates deposits, putrefaction substances, and fungi from the surface of the intestinal mucosa.

Metabolic toxins and waste products are excreted through the liver and bile into the intestine, but in the lower sections of the intestine, they are partially reabsorbed into the body (especially in cases of intestinal sluggishness and increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa). These reabsorbed toxins are then excreted again through the liver. Thus, a cycle of toxins develops in our body. Colon hydrotherapy removes a large amount of these circulating waste products from the body in one go.

Neben der Ausscheidung über den Darm wird auch die Ausscheidung über die Nieren (Urinausscheidung) verbessert. Dies geschieht auf zwei Wegen:

    • A small portion of the water introduced into the colon is absorbed by the body. This increases the fluid volume in the vessels and stimulates the kidneys to excrete more (urine output).
    • Colon hydrotherapy improves blood circulation in the abdominal area, which also has a diuretic effect through the kidneys. The therapy also massages the ureters. Additionally, the warm water promotes circulation to the lower poles of both kidneys, making kidney and ureter stones an indication for colon hydrotherapy.

The effect of colon hydrotherapy can be complemented by simultaneously administering normal intestinal bacteria in liquid form or as tablets as part of the subsequent bowel cleansing process.

With what kind of diseasecan Colon-Hydro-Therapy help?

  • chronic obstipation
  • bloating
  • chronic diarrhea
  • atonic colon (lazy, paralized gut)
  • IBS
  • feeling full
  • diverticulosis
  • Morbus Chron, Colitis Ulcerosa (to be performed only conditionally and by experienced therapists)

As well as in conditions where there is suspicion that they are caused by "self-poisoning" of the body. These especially include:

  • concentration problems, fatigue, depressive mood, anxiety, and dizziness
  • migrane
  • susceptibility to infections, allergies, allergic asthma
  • occurrence or exacerbation of existing rheumatic diseases
  • hyper- and hypothermia (feeling of cold, warmth)

Also, patients with liver disease also benefit from colon hydrotherapy with subsequent intestinal rehabilitation. The liver is our important detoxification organ. If it is diseased, it can no longer adequately perform this detoxification function, leading to an increase in toxins in the body.