Intestinal Rehabilitation

Why is our gastrointestinal system so essential for health? The food and its active messenger molecules "communicate" with the body about what food we have eaten and how it affects us. Our brain receives and processes this information. Our mental and physical health thus depends greatly on our dietary behavior. Food that our gut cannot tolerate leads to the buildup of sludge on the intestinal mucosa and results in chronic gastrointestinal problems. Intestinal rehabilitation deals with the sustainable detoxification and strengthening of our gut.

How the annoying abdominal pain / bloating / irritable bowels / leaky gut syndromes occur...


Toxins circulating in the blood and neutralized by the liver burden the intestines heavily.
The liver also eliminates toxins through the fat-splitting bile, which enters the intestine during the digestion process and mixes with the food pulp.

If the food pulp then moves too slowly through the intestine due to a deficit of fluids, because it lacks water, "poison and bile" accumulate more and more.
Dadurch werden die Darmzotten verstopft, deren Aufgabe es ist die Nährstoffe zu resorbieren.

Die Giftstoffe reizen und entzünden nicht nur die Dickdarmwand, sondern werden im weiteren auch im Blut resorbiert.
Important nutrients are no longer absorbed, leading to chronic intestinal problems and diseases as a consequence.

As a further consequence, the so-called leaky gut syndrome, or "leaky gut," occurs.
This occurs very frequently in patients suffering from chronic diseases such as rheumatism, allergies, and metabolic disorders.

What intestinal rehabilitation involves


Status Quo Examination:

  • Allergy Testing
    Allergies and intolerance
  • Stool culture and parasite analysis
    Bacteria, fungal, and parasite analysis as well as inflammation markers
  • Metatron NLS Diagnostic
    Can detect smallest traces of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.



  • Colon-Hydro-Therapy
    for cleansing the intestine
  • Supplements
    Strengthening intestinal wall and elimination of fungi
  • Probiotics
    Strengthening of the good bacteria
  • Antibiotics
    against parasites
  • Nutritional counseling
    for better digestion
  • Allergy elimination
    against allergies and intolerances